Unrequited Love


Unrequited Love

I need to target a relationship issue that causes great discomfort to those how experience it. Unrequited Love is when we fall madly in love with someone, but they don't return that love.
Surviving unrequited love is one of the hardest parts of dating. It is just in recent times that I have come to appreciate why I selected to go down this unpleasant route. On the surface, unrequited love appears rather pathetic. We fall head over heels in love with somebody and they do not reciprocate, but we cannot allow them to go. We obsess and fantasise about them, in the hope that they'd change their mind, but this never occurs. As I know to my cost, these relations can eat many years of an individual's life and leave them with nothing but discomfort and heart-ache. When we fall head over heels in love, our partner gives us the things that we lack. We then feel as if our partner is making us full, or complete and this is the reason why we feel so good. In an ordinary relationship this is generally reciprocated, but not in the case of an unrequited one.

This is what leads to the fantasy - in our minds we are able to create the ideal partner and relationship.

In making an attempt to fulfill our wants thru the unrequited 'partner', we must see certain qualities in them that we don't believe we have. In the strongest unrequited experience I had, I later realized that I saw a deep and pure spirituality in the girl I dropped for. I use that last word purposely as the attraction I had for her was at the level of addiction. It overwhelmed me and began to take over my life. Essentially, I was attempting to discover my spirituality thru her, instead of discover it myself. If you've had or are having an unrequited relationship, ask what quality it is you see in the focus of your attention. As the old chestnut goes, "It takes one, to grasp one". While it may feel that we have a perpetual love for that person, this isn't truly the case. If we loved them, we wouldn't expect them to satisfy our wants. This time though , that person will also wish to be with you. The dazzling thing about letting go of a need is that the extremely things we were hunting for in our life or relationship appear in spades. Try it for yourself - it actually does work.

I believe I was scared to admit my very own spirituality and embrace it totally.

It suited me to like her at a distance and borrow her gifts. If I had started a genuine relationship with her, I would've had to confront my inner fears and test my spiritually.

I think, I was just scared of being in a connected and really loving relationship.

Your first reaction might be to try harder to win this person's affections ; they will ultimately realize what a great person you are and let down their guard. But actually, someone that doesn't reciprocate your feelings most likely ever will. Even if they try, they may become pissed off with you for your declarations of love and may at last cut you out of their life totally.

So what do you do when your emotions of love become so powerful that you can't contain them? What are you able to do to survive? The neatest thing to do in this eventuality is to notice that the person may never feel the same way.

If you already know they haven't any interest in you, save some agony and push on.

Don't bombard the person who has never-ending declarations of love, but instead play it cool. Act like it does not trouble you. Maybe they like the awareness and are keeping you in check simply because your devotion makes them feel good.

If you spot them acting this way, get away as fast as possible. Nothing wastes time more than following someone that will never have an interest in you.

There's no one stop shop or one size fits most solution for a love that's not returned. But, what are you able to do about it? Is there a way how to cope with unrequited love which will have you prepared to go forward with your life and put this chapter behind you? Staying busy will stop you from lingering on thoughts of the love you are feeling that's unreturned. The more things you're feeling your hands and head with the less mins you may spare towards thoughts of your own private heart ache. It is a sensible distraction and one that when correctly applied can end up in great achievements that go miles past how to cope with unrequited love.

2 ) Avoid hanging out with the object of your love. There are tons of reasons why hanging out with the person you love ( that doesn't return that love ). Don't punish yourself. Instead, avoid passing time with that person.

3 ) Find a larger sense of self. The more that you price yourself and treat yourself as a valuable person, the more others will start to do the same. Take a little care with your appearance. Continually work to build your own confidence and you will not have to fret about the unrequited love much longer.

Members of the alternative sex will be lining up to start to know you better.

4 ) Start looking about for other interests, romantic or otherwise. Whether you are just stepping out with someone as a mate or in a full-blown search for love there's nothing which will make you more tasty to somebody than having them see you as an object of desire for somebody else. So, if you need to learn how to cope with unrequited love, make yourself not available. It works like a charm.

Another way to survive unrequited love is to go on. Pursue some other person who appreciates you. Start the relationship slowly, and do not let your affections get the best of you.